XL 12000


Spa Model: XL 12000

$12,999 Swim-N-Spa Std. Swim Spa Spec.

~6-HP  2 speed Spa Jet Pump

~8-HP 2 speed Viper River Jet Pump

~Balboa Electronic Controls

~360° Ultra-Pure Filtration 

~Capacity- 3-6 people

~1 River Jet and 26 Jets (Total of 30 Jet Ports)

 ~ Ozone Ready for Increased Water Purification 

                                                                                           ~Foam Insulation on Cabinet

                                                                                **Platinum Swirl Silver Marble Shell Only**

                                                                                  **Delivery Available 200 miles of our store**


                 $15,999  Including $3,000 Elite Upgrades Shown right side with retail values   


 Dimensions: 140"L x 90"W x 55"H                             Made in the USA        

Retail Value: $27,000