Sharkline 54" Resin Morada Above Ground Pools

Morada edit

The 54" Morada has a durable 9" Resin Top Rail comes with a pattern liner with uni-bead top and a 50-year warranty, longer than a Steel Top Rail pool of similar size. Trying to cut down costs?  6-Months interest-free financing available on pools of any size.


All-American Recreation has all the swimming pool equipment and accessories you need included in the sale price--a $1500 value. 

The pool kit includes a sand or cartridge filter system, pump, and swimming pool chemical kit. The pool maintenance kit includes a vacuum head, pole, and hose, thermometer, wall brush, leaf skimmer, leaf rake, test strips, and filter hoses. These are the same high-quality accessories that would be used for an in-ground pool. Completing your pool equipment is an ultra-durable ladder and solar cover.


Pool Kit Delivery, Excavation, and Installation varies based on pool size.

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Sharkline Resin Morada Round Pool

54" Pool Height in Round Shape

Pool Size 7/1/20 Retail Value Factory Direct Pool Kit Discount Price Standard Metro Flat Yard Install Estimated Cost
15' w/10 Uprights $7,499 $3,999 $1,150
18' w/12 UR $8,249 $4,499 $1,300
21' w/14 UR $9,149 $5,099 $1,450
24' w/16 UR $9,899 $5,599 $1,650
27' w/18 UR $10,099 $6,399 $1,950
30' w/20 UR $11,999 $6,999 $2,200
33' w/22 UR $12,749 $7,499 $2,500


Learn what to look for in a high-quality pool.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Pool Infographic

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Sharkline Resin Morada Oval Pool

54" Pool Height in Oval Shape

Pool Size 5/1/20 Retail Value Factory Direct Pool Kit Sale Price Standard Metro Flat Yard Install Estimated Cost
12' x 24' w/6 YM Buttresses + 10 Uprights $10,499 $5,999 $2,100
15' x 26' w/6 YM + 10 UR $11,249 $6,499 $2,300
15' x 30' w/8 YM + 12 UR $12,299 $7199 $2,500
18' x 33' w/8 YM + 14 UR $13,499 $7,999 $2,800
21' x 43' w/14 YM + 14 UR $16,499 $9,999



$1,500 Retail value pool equipment, pool accessories and supplies are included in the pool kit as follows:

  • sand or cartridge filter system
  • 1.0 HP or 1.5 HP pump
  • swimming pool chemical kit with test strips
  • vacuum head, pole, and hose
  • thermometer
  • wall brush
  • leaf skimmer and rake
  • filter hoses
  • durable solar cover.


Already have all the pool equipment and accessories you need? Call for a price quote without the pool equipment and accessory kit.

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