Company History Of:

All-American Recreation, Inc.

All We Sell is FUN! Since 1972

All-American Recreation, Inc. was founded in “1972” by Jerry Schiltz.  Initially, it was a part time venture conducting retail business from a two-car garage in Bloomington, Minnesota.  Roger Schiltz, the brother of Jerry, joined the business in 1973.  Both Jerry and Roger worked full time jobs in the construction industry while they operated the retail business on a part time basis.

Over the next five years, the sales and customer referrals increased, requiring the company to expand from the two-car garage to a small retail store in 1977.  They then moved the retail business to a warehouse showroom located in Bloomington.

In 1979, All-American Recreation ventured into the construction business of building city parks, tennis courts, fencing, softball fields and swimming pools along with the retail store sales of recreational products.  In 1982, All-American Recreation started to manufacturer pool tables and expanded its retail business into multiple stores. The pool table manufacturing business grew, and All-American Recreation expanded to six retail stores in the Twin Cities area within the next 15 years. Business was booming until 2008, but has declined somewhat due to the constricting USA economy.

In response to the sluggish business climate, we have downsized by closing four of our retail stores. The retail business may have declined over the past five years, but we have survived the downfall of recreational product sales.

Retail sales have started to increase with the use of the internet to promote our recreational products. This allows us to market our products throughout the USA.  We welcome business from all states located within the USA. We will provide freight quotes to customers for shipment of products from our factory warehouse to your home or business.

We continue to emphasize a very basic success formula of: hard work, top quality products, friendly sales people, superior service and affordable pricing.  After many years, the business is still FUN!  Having started out very small in 1972 with two employees, we now have many highly skilled employees selling and servicing: Pool Tables, Foosball Tables, Air Hockey Tables, Stick Hockey Tables, Game Tables, In-Ground Swimming Pools, Above-Ground Swimming Pools, Hot Tub Spas, and Whirlpool Baths.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We want to maintain the highest rating available from the Better Business Bureau. To keep this high rating, we will make every effort to provide high quality products and service to our customers.

In Memoriam: Roger Schiltz died of cancer in 2010 at the young age of 58. We miss the manufacturing skills and hard work ethics of Roger. Many of us feel that Roger continues to guide the manufacturing and construction business from above.

Please call our corporate office number 612-868-9991, or send an email to for information or questions regarding our FUN recreational products and sale prices.

We look forward to your patronage…

Thank you…Jerry Schiltz