SWIM-N-FUN Soft Sided Above Ground Pools

Closeout prices mean you can save big this summer! The SWIM-N-FUN pool comes in a variety of sizes. Steel frames guarantee years of poolside fun for you and your family, while. Supplies are limited so act fast to secure these low prices. We are offering $1,000 discount from the pool kit close-out price to sell pools with paint defects on the steel frame.  This offer is only valid while we have pools in our warehouse inventory. Sales Link!


SWIM-N-FUN Closeout Above Ground Pool

52" Pool Height in Rectangle Shape

Pool Size 7/1/19 Retail Value

Closeout Price After $1,000


Standard Metro Flat Yard Install Estimated Cost
6' x 10' w/12 Uprights $5,249 SOLD OUT $1,100
10' x 21' w/28 UR $6,749 SOLD OUT $1,500
13' x 25' w/36 UR $8,249 $2,999 $1,700
13' x 28' w/40 UR $8,999 $3,499 $1,900
17' x 32' w/48 UR $11,249 $4,499 $2,300
17' x 36' w/52 UR $11,999 $4,999 $2,500
Things to Consider Before Buying Your Pool Infographic

$1,500 Retail value pool equipment, pool accessories, and supplies are included in the pool kit as follows:

-sand or cartridge filter system

-1.0 HP or 1.5 HP pump

-swimming pool chemical kit with test strips

-vacuum head, pole, and hose


-wall brush

-leaf skimmer and rake

-filter hoses

-durable solar cover

Already have all the pool equipment and pool accessories you need? Call for a price quote without the pool equipment and accessory kit.

Warehouse inventory must be verified before purchase. Call (651) 405-1111. or Jerry Mobile # 612-868-9991.