$12,999 Fun-4-Life Basic Swim Spa Specifications

  • 1-EACH  8-BHP VIPER River Jet Swim Pump

  • 1-EACH High Performance (230-Volt) 5-BHP Spa Pump

  • 1 River Swim Jet

  • 26 Hydrotherapy Spa Jets

  • 29 Total Spa Jet Ports

  • Threaded, Interchangeable, Lock-In Spa Jets Allow for Easy Removal

  • Dual 360° Eco-Clean 150-SF Spa Filtration System

  • Ozone Ready Plumbing for Increased Water Purification

  • 12-Volt In-Spa Clear Main Light

  • ABS Backed Acrylic Spa Shell Made in the USA

  • Choice of Lucite or Aristech Acrylic Spa Shell Color

  • Arctic Full Foam Thermo Insulation

  • No Maintenance Cabinet

  • Cabinet Color Choices:  Slate or Mocha

  • ABS Solid Spa Bottom Holds in Heat & Keeps Rodents Out

  • Balboa Electronic Controls  Made in the USA

  • Includes: 4"-2" Spa Covers in Choice of Color


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